The third grade core states that we should read and write poems as part of our language arts instruction. Come play with words as we explore some published poetry and write our own! We'll even publish your finished work in class. Use these activities below as your homework for the week as we study poetry in class each day.

Remember: Whenever you're working on the internet, make sure you have a grown-up's permission and that they approve of each website you go on.


Monday's Homework:
Pick three poems to read from this website,Poems for Kids,  and read them to someone in your family.  Write down on a piece of paper what poems you read and have your parent sign the paper.  Return it to school as your finished homework.

Tuesday's Homework:
Pick four poems from this web page, Giggle Poetry, to read to someone in your family.  Select one that you would like to share with the class.  Have a family member help you print it and bring it to class.  We will read them all together in class on Wednesday.

Wednesday's Homework:
Read the poem "I Have to Write a Poem" by Kenn Nesbitt and write down in your Reader's Response Journal what your feelings are about poetry.  Answer the following questions: 

  1. What are your feelings about reading poetry?
  2. What poem have you enjoyed the most so far in this unit?  Explain why.

  3. How do you feel about writing your own poem?

Thursday's Homework

We've read some acrostic poems in class today.  We even wrote a few all together.  Now, use this link, Acrostic Poems Generator, to write your own.  Follow the directions carefully.  Print the poem when you're finished writing it so you can share it with the class!

Friday's Homework

We've shared our acrostic poems in class today and learned about diamante poems.  Here's your chance to write your own.  Diamante Poem Generator  Use this website to create your own diamante poem.  Follow the directions carefully, paying special attention to what types of words go on each line.  Print the poem when you finish writing it so you can share it with the class on Monday!

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