This project is for third grade. Students will work in groups to complete the assignment. Each group will be assigned a continent that they will research and report on. They should collect facts in the following categories: location, climate, culture, animals, and fun facts. UEN Standard III- Students will develop an understanding of their environment. Objective 4- Demonstrate how symbols and models are used to represent features of the environment. Indicator d- Locate continents and oceans on a map or globe (i.e., North America, Antarctica, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean).


You and your group are planning a vacation to another continent but you want to know what to expect before you leave. You will need to work together will your group to complete each task. There will be links provided for you to explore and find information about each country.

Content Area:

You should copy this graphic organizer onto your paper and fill it in as you complete each task. You should go in the correct numbered order as well.

Task 1: Introduce your continent
The class will be divided into seven groups, each having a different continent.  Each student will need to draw a paper out of the jar that tells them what group they are in.  The seven continents that you could be assigned to are:
North America
South America

Write the name of your continent in space #1 on your organizer.
Now you are ready to begin researching your vacation! Here are some helpful websites that I recommend you visit to help learn about your continent.  You are welcome to use other websites as well, provided that you check with me first. Enjoy!

North America:
Geography of North America
North America
North America For Kids

South America:
Geography of South America
South America

Fact Monster- Europe
Geography of Europe

Geography of Australia
Geography of Australia
World Almanac for Kids- Australia
World Atlas- Australia
Zoom School- Australia

Geography of Asia
World Almanac for Kids- Asia

Antarctica: The continent of Wonder
Geography of Antarctica
PBS: Antarctica for Kids
World Almanac for Kids- Antarctica

Geography of Africa
PBS: Africa for Kids
Task 2: Location
In this space, you should write details about the specific location of your continent.  This should include it geographical location on the globe and the continents or oceans surrounding it.  In this section you should also state several of the countries within your continent.  You should have at least 5 facts in this section.

Task 3: Climate
In this section you should research and report on the climate of your continent.  The main thing to focus on in this part is your continents general weather patterns. You should have again at least 5 facts in this section.

Task 4: Culture
Here you should list several different things you learned about the specific culture. This would include describing the type of people who live there and the things that they do.  You may also include religion and other traditions that you find. You should have 5 facts, all about different types of culture within your continent.

Task 5: Animals
One interesting thing you are going to want to see on your vacation is all of the different wildlife that live there. Pick three animals that are unique to your continent and describe them.  Tell where they live, what they look like and any other cool characteristics that you find.

Task 6: Fun Facts
This is where you get to share all of the fun things that you want to make sure to you get to see on your vacation! Make sure you find at least 5 facts!!

Task 7: Travel Brochure
You will now get to make a travel brochure telling the rest of the class about your continent.  You may make it however you would like, as long as it includes all six of the above tasks.  Make sure your pamphlet has pictures and colors and are appealing to your audience.

After all of the groups have completed this assignment, they will present their brochure to the rest of the class.  When not presenting, the students should pay close attention and even take notes.  Once all continents have been presented on, the class will be given an informal assessment.  The assessment will consist of writing at least five facts about each continent, one for every category of the graphic organizer.  They can write more for extra credit.  This will demonstrate that they have learned about all of the seven continents.