TASK: In this activity you will critically read an article about the history of earthquakes in Utah. After reading the article you will create a timeline. After creating the timeline, you will analyze the data and other information that you find and hypothesize about whether Utah may expect a major earthquake in the near future.

INFORMATION SEEKING STRATEGIES/LOCATION AND ACCESS: Read the article at the following link. Write or type the information you decide to put on your timeline (ex. dates, severity, location, # of aftershocks, etc).

Earthquake Hazards Program: Earthquake History of Utah

USE OF INFORMATION: Using the data collected from the article, create a timeline (may be done in a word processor or a spreadsheet).

SYNTHESIZE: Using the timeline and any other valid information that you find (see the websites listed below), write an essay (may be hand written or typed) defending or rejecting the idea that Utah is due for a fairly major earthquake in the near future. Be sure to cite your information (see Citation Machine -- The Landmark Project for help).

USGS earthquake hazards program

USGS: General Interest Publications - Earthquakes (title …

EVALUATE: After completing the timeline and the essay, review the assignment and in a short essay describe what you did, how you did it, and what if anything you might do differently.