Use these links to learn more about primary and secondary sources.

1. Explore the links below to learn about primary and secondary sources. When you have finished, you should be able to:

  • Tell the difference between primary and secondary sources.
  • Give at least three examples of primary sources and three examples of secondary sources.
  • Explain why primary sources are important in research.

Examples of Primary Sources

Examples of Primary and Secondary Sources on the Same Topic

Genres/Formats of Primary Sources

2. Prepare to participate in the PowerPoint activity by taking out a piece of paper.

Divide your paper in two columns. Label one column "Primary Sources" and the other "Secondary Sources." 

3. Take this Primary Sources Assessment

 4. Learn about Primary Sources Time and Place Rule

Many high school and college social studies classes require you to use primary sources.  It is important to be able to identify primary sources and analyze and determine which are the best ones.