Information about how to decide if a resource is of high-quality.

Finding high-quality resources

What is a quality resource?

Consider using some of the following criteria for evaluating an online learning resource.

This resource...

  • is accurate.
  • encourages active participation of the learner.
  • includes all the information needed to use it.
  • flows in an orderly manner.
  • is age appropriate.
  • is free of advertising.
  • the activities support core curriculum objectives.

The websites listed below provide more references on quality criteria.
  • Kathy Schrock's Evaluation: Kathy Schrock has designed a series of evaluation surveys, one each at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels to help you get started with this process. With time, you can work with your students on critiquing different resources.
  • Widner University Wolfgram Memorial Library: Evaluate Web Pages: Includes criteria for news, informational, advocacy and other types of web pages, including examples of each type.

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