Fourth Grade Science Core Curriculum
Objective 1b: Observe, measure, and record data on the basic elements of weather over a period of time.
Objective 3a: Identify and use the tools of a meteorologist.
Objective 3b: Describe how weather and forecasts affect people's lives.


Hello students! My name is Grant Weyman. I am the Weather Lab Meteorologist for KSL's Live 5 Weather team. As a weather forecaster, my job is to help inform others about the weather conditions in Utah. Take a look at one of my team's forecasts below!

Video Courtesy of

This weather forecast and the other pictures on this site were taken from weather forecast onKSL's Eyewitness News You will be able to see me, or one of my friends, in a real weather forecast from today's news.

As you watch the video, pay attention any information that you might want to include in your own forecast. Record any details about the weather, science words that you hear, or important information that you might want to include in your own forecast.


I want you to join our weather forecasting team. Your task as meteorologists is to work with a partner to prepare a 5-Day Weather Forecast for your hometown. Be sure to carefully follow the guidelines listed below as you work on the weather lab computers today. Do your best work, and who knows . . . maybe you and your forecast will end up in the news some day!

Getting Started

In this activity, you and your partner will need to take turns doing these two jobs as a weather forecasting team. Make sure that you both get an opportunity work in each position in our school weather lab.

Weather Computer Operator - The weather computer operator controls the mouse and the keyboard as you search for important weather data on the Internet. The person with the closest birthday should do this job first.

Weather Data Recorder - The weather data recorder writes down weather information on your data sheet that you want to include on your weather forecast. The person with the second closest birthday should do this job first.

Weather Data Sources

Here is a list of weather sources from the internet. As a team, you must decide which weather data sources will be the most helpful to you as you create your weather forecast. Record any important weather data on your forecast data sheet so that you will have it available when you are ready to make your presentation.

Online Weather Data Sources

Weather Lab Tools

Now that you have collected some weather data for your 5-day forecast, you are ready to begin creating your presentation. The following resources are tools that can help you as you and your partner prepare a news forecast.

There are two ways for you to create a weather forecast. Look at the sample project of option 1 and option 2 before you decide which tool you would like to use. Then click on the "Create Your Own" link to begin working on your weather forecast.

Option 1: Interactive Weather Forecast

Interactive Weather Forecast - Sample Project

Click on this link to view a sample weather forecast project using this interactive tool. Then click, on the playback button. Next, type the code: climate-8866. Click the playback button a second time.

Interactive Weather Forecast -Create Your Own!

Click on link to and start building your own 5-day interactive forecast, using the weather information from your hometown. In order to edit or view your presentation later, you will need to write down the code that is given to you at the beginning of the program.

Option 2: PowerPoint Weather Forecast

Click on this link to view a sample weather forecast project using the Microsoft PowerPoint tool.

This resource is a PowerPoint template that you can adapt and change to make your own 5-day weather forecast for your hometown. Make sure to save your work!

Weather Forecast Presentations
Once your 5-day weather forecast is complete you will need to practice presenting the information like a weather reporter on the news. Take turns being the reporter on T.V. What would you say to your audience? How would you present the weather information that you have gathered?