Science Standard 2: Objective 1a: Identify basic cloud types (i.e. cumulus, cirrus, stratus clouds)

Have you ever stopped to watch the clouds move on a nice summer day? Maybe you have even used your imagination to see shapes or animals in the clouds. Perhaps you have noticed that some clouds are big and black, while others are small and fluffy. Other clouds are very high up in the sky, while others are very near to the ground.

The purpose of this science activity is to help you learn to identify the three basic cloud types. To help you learn to identify clouds, you will complete three activities:

Activity 1: Cloud Words to Know

Cloud Words- In this activity, you will learn some important science names for clouds. This will help you identify them when you see them in the earth's atmosphere.
Cloud Words Quiz - Test your knowledge of the basic cloud words by taking this quiz. You must score at least 85% before passing to the next activity!

Activity 2: Three Basic Cloud Types

Stratus Clouds - Learn about stratus clouds. In this activity you will learn how stratus clouds got their name, what they look, like, and how to recognize them.

Cumulus Clouds - Find out more about cumulus clouds. Use your imagination to see shapes in the clouds!

Cirrus Clouds - Click here to get important information about an interesting type of cloud!

Activity 3: Putting It All Together

Advanced Cloud Types - Click on this activity to learn how the three basic cloud types can be mixed together to create many other cloud formations.

Cloud Identification Quiz - Test your ability to identify different cloud types based on their appearance, their description, or their name. You must score at least 85% before passing to the next activity!

Activity 4: Choose Your Own Weather Activity
Now that you have completed all three cloud activities, you may now choose any of the following activities from the list below.

Observe Cumulus Clouds- You will be amazed by this time-lapse video of cumulus clouds on the move!

Cloud Image Gallery - Take a look at all of the amazing cloud formations that happen in our Earth's atmosphere. This virtual field trip will show you beautiful photographs of many different kinds of clouds.

Weather Adventure - Practice your basic facts about clouds with this fun website.

Weather Puzzles - Now that you can mix and match different cloud names to make new cloud types, try this fun puzzle activity. It lets you choose from many different weather picture puzzles. See if you can put the puzzle back together!

Tree House Weather Kids - Click on this link to go to the Weather Kids' Tree House. There you can learn many different things about weather.