This project will show Utah teachers and educators through how to use UEN to store documents and how to link to those documents in the IA.

There are 3 stages: Adding the documents manager, Uploading a document into UEN and then Adding the document as a resource in the Instructional Architect.

To upload a document into UEN.

To add the documents manager:

  1. Create a UEN account.
  2. Go to "Edit my personal page"
  3. Add page content (Upper right hand corner)
  4. Go to "My Stuff" and then "Documents Manager."
To add documents to the documents manager:
  1. Click the edit button to get into the document manager (it is the pencil with paper button in the buttons on the top right)
  2. Click the "Add" button next to "Documents Manager"
  3. A section of your page called "Documents Manager" will appear (you may have to scroll).
  4. To upload documents click the "Edit Button" (looks like a piece of paper with a pencil)
  5. Then "Add a document"
  6. Browse on your computer to find the document, and give it a name and click "upload"

To add it to the IA:

  1. With the IA opened to "add your own resource" opened in 1 window or tab and UEN opened in a different window or tab
  2. In your UEN page go to your documents manager:
  3. Place your mouse on the link to the document you want to link to from the IA. Then:

    • on a PC, right click on the link
    • on a Mac, hold down the 'CTRL' button and the mouse button at the same time

  4. A menu will appear with options like "Open Link in a new window / Open link in a new tab, etc.." Go to "Copy Link Location"
  5. Go back to the IA (with your "add your own resources" page open), put your cursor in the "Type a valid URL" and

    • on a PC, holding down the "CTRL" key, tap the "V" key (CTRL-V)
    • on a Mac, holding down the "Apple" key, tap the "V" key (Apple-V)

    then type in a title for your document / resource.
  6. Click save and then add the document as you would any other resource.

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