This project will guide you through adding images to your IA projects using Google Picasa

Adding an image is more difficult than a YouTube or TeacherTube Video

  • Please don't link directly from the site the image is found on to your IA project.
  • Instead you'll need to link to it from web space you have already.
  • This is easy, Google has a free service called Google Picasa that allows you to link images from it. It is similar to Flickr, if you are familiar with Flickr.
  • The following will guide you through using Picasa

To use Google Picasa:

  • If you don't have a google account you will need to create one, which is free. Go to: Google Picasa and sign up for an account.
  • If you do have a google or Gmail account you can just go to "Photos" which is either in your top left menu bar or under "more".
  • Once you are in Picasa you can upload pictures directly into your account on the web:

  • After you have uploaded pictures you can then link to them in the IA.
    Now it is very similar to embedding a video:

    1. Locate the picture you want to upload and click on it
    2. On the right side of your screen you'll see an option to "Link to this photo"

    3. Click on that

    4. Decide on the size you want it to be: thumbnail, small, medium,or large
    5. Then click the "Image only, no link box:

    6. Then highlight the "Embed" code and copy (ctrl or apple v) it.
    7. Then, using the image button in the IA, which will open a small window:
copy the "Embed Code" into the Image url box:
  •  and you get this:

This is complicated, but once you get it down it can be easy and make your projects even better!

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