This project will connect you with several author/illustrator websites and interviews that show what processes they have to go through to create their stories and/or illustrations.


Denys Cazet
H.A. and Margret Rey
Patricia Polacco

5th Grade Pre-Lesson Activity
Have students (in pairs or small groups) list different tasks/steps an author will take when writing a book.  After they have their lists call on different groups to tell you one thing they have written down.  If the other groups have that same thing written down they need to cross it out.  Repeat until all ideas are voiced or written on the board.

Brandon Mull
The Writing Process
Tips for Young Writers

Shannon Hale
Working With an Editor

Dav Pilkey
Super Diaper Baby
Dragon's Halloween

Stan & Jan Berenstain
Scholastic Interview


We will be looking at several different illustrator's, just read and select the links as appropriate.

Tedd Arnold
Look at Drawing Step-By-Step to see what he does.

To see some of his other drawings look at his Sketches.

Dav Pilkey
The first book we are going to look at is 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. I want you to pay special attention to part 7. Look at all four pictures in the progression of an illustration. What did the teacher originally look like?

Now look at Dragon's Halloween. Parts 1, 2, and 3 help you see that a lot of planning and rewriting has to happen for a book to be made. On part 2 click on the pages and see what changes he made to the text.

These next two are more for fun.

When you look at The Complete Adventures of Big Dog and Little Dog look at the pictures and then scroll down to the FUN STUFF. Click on "Meet Little Dog," and learn more about her.

When you look at Kat Kong and Dogzilla you can see how an illustrator will use photographs to help them with their drawings. Look at part 8 especially and then go through until the end on part 15.

Eric Carle
I like the How I Create My Pictures section of his website, and if you want to see how he paints his tissue paper look at How I Paint My Tissue Paper

Jan Brett
There are articles with Time For Kids and Scholastic News.

David Shannon
I liked looking at his explanation about How the Bunyans Was Illustrated and there are some fun videos at Author Interviews #3.

David Wiesner
I like how he shows the Creative Process for Art & Max, there are some other nice sketches for 
Art and Max pages 4-5 development (Amazon), and you can read an interview from Time For Kids.

Brian Selznick
I really liked these Author Videos on the Scholastic website, definitely watch "A Closer Look," and even "Words vs. Pictures."

Children's Literature- Artistic Elements
Jumanji- Illustration Analysis (slideshare)
Explore Charlie Bone Covers From Around the World.  Compare and contrast the different covers.