What is the Triangular Trade Route? After completeing this project, you should be able to explain the Triangular Trade Route in detail. These details should include the reason for trade, the countries involved, and the main goods that were traded.

Getting Started:
Each number will give you instructions. Follow the instructions, answering the questions on a loose leaf sheet of paper. Your answers will be collected.

1. What do you already know about trade? Answer this question in your own words. There is no right or wrong answer.

2. Have you ever traded with someone? Were you both happy after you traded?

3. Trade is an important part of history and an important part of today too. This activity will help you understand trade. (Click the bold text.)

4. Read information about the Triangular Trade Route. (Click the bold text.) Record the countries that were mentioned and atleast three goods that were traded.

5. Slaves were often traded. What are your thoughts about this? Write atleast 4 sentences.

6. Look at the Interactive Map. (Click the bold text.) To see the map change, click on the symbols in the legend. Using the interactive map, fill in the graphic organizer you recieved at the beginning of class.

Making Connections:
7. Think about how trade has impacted your life today. What goods do you use that have been traded? (Examples: Where were you clothes made? Look at the tags on your clothing.)

Assessment Activity:
8. Write a paragraph on the Triangular Trade Route. Your paragraph should include the following:

a) The purpose for trade.
b) The countries involved.
c) The goods that were traded.