You will be working with web resources to explore modern Europe. At the end of these activities, you will have a better understanding of the countries that make up modern-day Europe.

Identifying European Countries and Capitals

We're going to be visiting Europe. We need to know something about each of the countries that make up this continent.

Use the Interactive Map of Europe to find the name of the countries and their capitals. Fill in the worksheet "Countries of Europe". Write the capitals under the name of the country.

Interactive Map of Europe
Now that you have identified the countries of Europe, let's find out more about some of them.

Facts About European Countries

Let's choose some countries we want to visit in Europe.

Using the European Country Facts sheet, choose two or three countries that you would like to visit. Use the resources below to find some facts about about your country.
CultureGrams - Europe

CIA World Factbook
Now you know something about Europe, we'll try some quizzes about this continent.

How Much Have You Learned About Europe?

Here's a chance to show what you have learned.

Go to the site below. Choose the Matching quiz. How many capitals and countries can you match up.
Europe's Countries and Capitals
You may also try the Concentration game.
At Trivia Plaza, there are several European Quizzes you may try. Start with "European Countries I". Once you have mastered that one, you can try some of the other quizzes. Some of them get really tough!
TriviaPlaza - European Geography Quiz