IA Workshop Survey

Informed Consent

    Dr. Recker and Dr. Walker in the Department of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences at the Utah State University are conducting a research study on a training course for use of the Instructional Architect software program. The Instructional Architect software enables users to access electronic resources from the National Science Digital Library and adapt those resources for classroom instruction. You have been asked to take part because you are a member of a potential audience for this software.

    If you agree to be in this study, you will be expected to participate in the training program. As part of the training, you will complete pre-and post-training survey that will take approximately ten minutes. You may also be asked to participate in group and individual interviews to provide feedback the Instructional Architect and online resources.

    We foresee minimal risk in your participation.

    There may be direct benefit to you from participation in the training program and its evaluation. It is possible that you will become a regular user of the Instructional Architect or resources from the National Science Digital Library.

    Participation in this research is entirely voluntary. You may refuse to participate or withdraw at any time without consequence or loss of benefits. Should you choose not to participate, any information you submitted will be destroyed.

    Research records will be kept confidential consistent with federal and state regulations. Only the investigator and the graduate student researchers will have access to the data, and it will be kept in a locked file cabinet in a locked room. The data will be kept for 36 months and then destroyed.

    The Instructional Review Board for the protection of human subjects at Utah State University has reviewed and approved this research project.

    If you have questions or research-related problems, you may reach Professor Recker at (435)797-2688.

    By completing the following survey, I certify that I understand its nature and purpose, and the possible risks and benefits associated with taking part in this research study.

Definition of Terms

    Online resources are Internet-based tools, such as the Instructional Architect (IA), and learning resources that are hosted in digital libraries such as the National Science Digital Library.

Pre Survey

Exit Survey